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little lives or the body i inhabite

little lives or the body I inhabit.

The goal of the show is absolute synchronization between us. And this effort of the two bodies finally becomes the content and medium of the performance. The viewer is invited to watch not a story with a beginning, middle and end, but two bodies that move, and with the movement they convey their story, their uniqueness.

We aim, I would say, more on motion-sense (it is the feeling that all people have and allows us to perceive the position of our body, our members, our relationship with objects, with space) and less on brain processing. I try to explain as little as possible my intentions for what we made. I would like someone to meet with our work without instructions, to stand up to the innocent.


She was born in Athens in 1963. She graduated with honors from the State School of Orchestral Art. With a scholarship from the Foundation A.S. Onassis continued her studies in New York, at Merce Cunningham Dance Studios. At the same time he attended Contact Improvisation and Release Techniques seminars with K.J.Holmes, Jeremy Nelson, Daniel Lepkoff, Sarah Pearsons, Sarah Rudner and others.
In 1987, together with Dimitris Papaioannou, they founded the Land Group.
She was honored with the award for best dancer for the solo “Stairs”, from the show “Human Thirst”.
She has collaborated with various dance groups: Sine Qua Non, Analia,, Choirs of Z. Nikoloudis and others.
As a choreographer she has collaborated with: Theater of the New World, National Theatre, Concert Hall, DI.PE.THE Larissa, Theater Embros etc.

She was honored with the K. Pratsika award for the show Motortown, directed by V. Theodoropoulos.
He was the head choreographer of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.
She has choreographed and directed the performances:
“On my way, an angel” by M. Efstathiadis,
“shortly before(  )shortly after”, for the Patras Cultural Capital of Europe 2006, Athens and Frankfurt.
theater of N.Kosmos 2009,
“7 Deadly Sins”, House of Letters and Arts 2011,
small lives or the body I inhabit, Athens-Kalamata 2013.