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Opera Chaotique

An Eccentric Duet!

With surprisingly subversive humor, extremely surreal imagination and explosive musical alchemy, Opera Chaotique have managed to establish themselves as a unique phenomenon in the world of music. The strange duo that like to trot all over the lines separating opera, jazz, cabaret, and pop, distinguished themselves straight away through their unique aesthetics, and their sweeping stage presence.

Opera Chaotique’s music cauldron contains all sorts of ingredients: Jazz grooves and African vibes, Arias and Punk growls, tender lullabies and gothic nightmares. Heat the potion up next to a piano and a drum kit, add a bundle of twisted tales, generously season with unconventional humour, stir well, bring to the boil and… enjoy Opera Chaotique’s utterly unique crossover Cabaret show.

Voice, Narration, Piano: George Tziouvaras (Tenorman)
Drums: Chris Koutsogiannis (Voodoo Drummer)