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Pink Floyd Tribute

The Lunatics are a Tribute Pink Floyd band, aiming to present various works of Pink Floyd. We want to do this as faithfully as possible to the original and with respect to the style and style of the creator.

The idea started at the beginning of 2010 by George Makaris and was completed a year later in the company of twelve other “CRAZY” musicians and collaborators. Since 2011 we have appeared in various music scenes in Athens (Kyttaros – Avlaia…) and in 2012-2013 we presented the entire “The Dark Side Of The Moon” for the 40th anniversary of its creation.
In Santorini, on August 11th we will present selections and a large part of the works “The Dark Side Of The Moon – Wish You Were here – The Wall” with 8 musicians on stage, who will take you on a journey with the wonderful music of Pink Floyd , in an audiovisual evening not to be missed.!!!