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Ramona Travel / the land of goodness

Another trip. Same faces with different names. A bus crossing the Balkans. Another land, other places, the same ever-scratched desires. “RAMONA travel / the land of kindness” is the memories, the words, the images, the spells, the magical ties that we all have imagined or dreamed of. The bagpipes and Atticus. The kennels and Vembo. Velouchiotis and Panagia of Tinos. Everyone’s latest Greek history, i.e. the world history. Another journey of “bijoux de kant” in the land of eternal romance. In the land where miracles are performed, in the land where everyone must believe by the process of urgency. RAMONA travel is a folk song impersonating another show.

Text: Glykeria Basdeki
Directed by: Yannis Skourletis
Music: Kostas Dalakouras
Assistant Director: Elektra Ellinikioti
Scenography: Yannis Skourletis, Dimitra Liakouras, Periklis Pravitas
Motion: Tasos Karahalios
Lighting: Christina Thanasoulas
Photos: Panos Michael
Contact: Aris Asproulis
Starring: Karyofyllia Karambeti, Lena Drosaki, Dimitris Mothonaios, Chris Radanov

Director’s Note
A girl from Didymoteicho is Ramona. Bearer of its history which is none other than the history of this place. She is both Medea and Antigone and a poster in a doghouse and capitulated to the civil war. Ramona travels this route for centuries from birth to death and again from the beginning. Her tongue has the scratch of love, alienation, orphanhood. It is a deep Greek language that also travels for centuries, changing fellow passengers. bijoux de kant delivers its dramatic approach to a work of hard romance. It directs a journey to the land of kindness, wonder, the visible and the omnipresent absent. Ramona, for me, is a moving journey of faith, a journey where the miracle is the final demand and faith in it the only baggage.
Yannis Skourletis