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“Rosa” was born from the desire to investigate what is far from our true self and alongside the self that society forces us to portray. We hide behind masks to survive and be accepted.

Do we really know who we really are? When do we wear the “mask” and when are we “us”? “Rosa” was born through images, travels, memories. As a tribute to the women of the Mediterranean. The past no longer exists. No future. “Rosa” and every Rosa is here, she exists without a mask, naked, repeatedly finds the calm, the smile, the peace within herself and is reborn within the society.
This solo is inspired by the crisis in Greece and in general in the Mediterranean. The French press wrote about Rosa that it is “a cry and a crisis, a call for freedom, dignity that is being lost. A cry for the Greek woman, a cry for all women.” Rosa was born from my desire to explore what is far from our true self and at the same time the self that society forces us to pretend to be. Rosa was born through images, travels and memories. In essence, it is a tribute to the women of the Mediterranean.

“My name is Rosa
I am the song of the soul
Above the roofs of the houses
Beyond the Wind Beyond the Wind
I wanted to change the world and I became the song
To save the dream
Beyond the wind
Beyond the wind
My father used to say, Rosa, you are the storm
My mother used to say Rosa you are the cloud
My brothers shouted Rosa, you are the revolution
I became Rosa, to save the dream
And I loved a lot. I believed a lot
I no longer belong to this world
My name is Rosa”
Christoforos Christofis

Choreography / Performance: Nina Dipla
Music: Roberto Alagna, David Darling, sound effects, Sons de la Nature, Carlos Carmo
Supported by: CND Lyon,
Micadanses, et RESIDENCE DE CREATION:Centre Choregraphique d’Orléans Josef Nadj.