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Sound of the Universe – Extended Sound Healing Gong Bath

On March 16, at 20.30, the Santorini Arts Factory and Laoura Gini invite you to a 90-minute

cosmic sound journey of relaxation, immersion, detoxification and awakening. The next Gong Bath will be repeated in October. Sound has a tremendous influence on human functioning and is a vibration that causes coordination and rhythm in the body, touches and affects our feelings like no other source of entry, through the mechanism of acoustics that is the mega-portal to the brain. Our everyday life is impregnated with digital music, sounds produced by the mobile phone, the waves of television, sounds unnatural that become noisy. All of these sounds can not be chosen and as they enter the body, create feelings and thoughts that are not ours, thus detracting from the physical state of our health. Gong is one of the most powerful tools of Sound therapy, as vibration, harmonic sounds and frequencies coordinate our physical and spiritual body, transferring us through the Sounds to the brain Theta Waves of deep relaxation. Here begins the experiential journey of awakening, coordination, purification and self-healing.

The combination of Tibetan Singing bowls and Vocal Mantras conveys the energy of serenity and inner calm, where thoughts give way to “I Feel and I Am” For each individual is a different experiential experience, a journey through the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres. Laoura will coordinate the Sun Gong, the TibetanVsinging bowls and her voice, to lead us on an inward journey , where our harmony, our creative powers and our growing consciousness lead us to the center of sound and in the center of our Self.

“bring your blanket and your pillow to feel more comfortable”

Friday, 16 March, 20.30 – 22.00

For your convenience we kindly suggest you to arrange your arrival 10 minutes earlier

Cost: 20 €

Participation must be confirmed prior to the event by calling to the following numbers 22860 85141, 6971828108 (Tuesday to Sunday between 10.00-16.00)