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The hellenix vrykolax

Were there ever vampires in Greece?

“- Tell me where you stand, Thanasis, upright,
dumb as a relic, in front of the eyes?
Why my Thanasis, do you go out at night?
Isn’t sleep in Hades for you?” […]
(Ar. Valaoritis)

Through a journey of research into medieval and modern Greek literature, the performance “The Greek Vrycolax” attempts to bring us into contact with these mysterious beings, as we encounter them in the work of foreign travelers, folklorists, poets, but also in the testimonies of ordinary everyday people through local newspapers or urban legends.

Three actors with the musicality of speech as their main instrument but also their bodies give a theatrical presence to narrative texts par excellence.

So who is the…. Vampire by Aristotle Valaoritis? What did the foreign tourists see in the pre-revolutionary archipelago, mainly Greece? What do the urban legends of modern Greece hide? Who is the… dead brother of our folk poetry?
The show “The Greek Vampire” reveals to us a dark metaphysical tradition in the shadow of the Greek light, where vampires, or vorvolaks, haunt the nights of the Greek countryside, while what they fear more than the sun is… sea water.

Directed – Adaptation of Texts: Konstantinos Dellas
Starring: Maria Bagana, Konstantinos Dellas, Elena Georgiou
Set designer: Andreas Skourtis
Costume Editor: Diana Notaroglu
Original Music – Sound Editing: Panagiotis Georgokostas