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The Incredible Adventures of Pinocchio

Mastro Geppeto creates a wonderful wooden doll, so wonderful that it resembles a real boy, and he names it Pinocchio. But Pinocchio is not like other dolls, he can speak! He can dream!! And he wants to become a real boy… Will he succeed? Mischievous and unruly, Pinocchio makes colorful friends, the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket, while trying to realise his dreams. He also makes enemies, struggles with his faults and temptations, contracts donkey-fever, breaks his stubborn wooden head, and eventually learns about love, the value of family, and what it really means to be human.

The performance includes impressive human-sized dolls, glove-puppets, marionettes, flat dolls, and giant dolls. Through magical boxes that create dreamy, beautiful colours and shapes are revealed. The scenery is based on the wonderful fairytale by Carlo Collodi. Actors and dolls co-exist harmoniously, creating a dreamy atmosphere in a play for the whole family!

Production Crew

Design of dolls, costumes, scenery, direction, performance, and artistic curation: Maria & Spiridoula Papageorgiou

Music: G. Vettos, A. Vergis, P. Kolentzis

Choreography: Dimitra Kritikidi

Lighting: Melina Mascha

Performers: Maria & Spiridoula Papageorgiou

With the participation of Encardia