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The Muses of Rembetiko

A special show, a musical ode to the women that inspired the composers of Rembetiko to write our best traditional and rembetika songs. Marika Ninou, Sotiria Bellou, Ioanna Georgakopoulou, Charoula Lampraki, Stella Chaskil, Katy Grey, and others who along with composers like Tsitsanis, Vamvakaris, Papaioannou, etc. left their mark on the stages of a different time and a different Greece, that even now remain unchanged, waiting to be sung and played.

Bouzouki: Giorgos Karamfillis
Accordion: Nikos Papanastasiou
Guitar: Vasilis Ketentzoglou
Stand-up bass: Dionisis Makris