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The particle of God

The dance and theatre company ΚΙΟΜΩΣΚΙΝΕΙΤΑΙ (And yet it moves), together with Hainis D. Apolostolakis present the performance The Particle of God, a journey to the universe of modern physics.  The 9 performers (dancers, acrobats and musicians) are trying to understand, and then to make us comprehend, all these terrible events, either huge or small, that leave us humans entangled in the middle of an unimagineable scale, trying, by putting particles colliding at the speed of light, to attempt a small arrangement of our universe.

A humorous and sensitive show, where dance meets with circus acrobatics and performance.  A show dedicated to humanity’s tireless bravery and its continuous search to understand who we are, where we come from and what will finally become of us.  Hainis D. Apostolakis, with a scholarship of Crete University,  has worked in CERN specifically on Higgs boson.