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Your power my power

Summer 2014

“Your power, my power…”
Eleonora Zouganelis, after her very successful performances in Athens and Thessaloniki, which were attended by thousands of people and were all sold out, is starting her summer tour.
Where her heart beats, where she meets her passion and her love for singing, that’s where Eleonora Zouganelis wants to take her audience to travel again this summer and get strength from the strength of all those who love her and they have been supporting her all these years. So he invites us all to a big party, a big summer tour full of energy, fun, dancing and fun.
With every appearance she confirms her exuberant personality and uncomplicatedly and confidently lays down her completely own identity, the “soundtrack of her own generation”, which contains selections from a world music scene, different cultures, daring mixes, but also a throwback to the youth and her most recent melodic experiences.
Eleonora Zouganelis, with her flawless voice, her passion, her dynamic stage presence, manages to touch, arouse, move, captivate, become a voice and a great company with all who have chosen to see her from close to hear her! And there are thousands of them! And everyone’s choice is justified!
On stage, in the company of her excellent musicians, she first wants to be seduced by their melodies and lyricism so that she can also enchant her audience with her performances. Her concerts will be – as always – one of the best live shows of the summer for fans of her voice and songs.

Summer 2014
“Your power, my power…”
He is accompanied by a group of excellent musicians:
Evripidis Zemenidis: Guitar, Nikos Passalidis: Strings, Giorgos Theodoropoulos: Keyboards, Paraskevas Kitsos: Bass, Yiannis Angelopoulos: Drums.
Orchestrations: Euripides Zemenidis
Lighting control: Vassilis Karamouzis
Sound Design: Nikos Pappas, Argyris Lianos
Menta Art Events,, tel. 2108617577