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Full Moon – Gong Bath Immersion

On this full moon of August, (Tuesday 1st August 2023) we will meet at the Santorini Arts Factory with the Healer Chiron Gong, in a bath of sounds and vibrations.
The sound of the Gong through its vibrations, harmonics and frequencies has a tremendous influence on our physical and spiritual body, as it tunes it into the Theta brainwaves of deep relaxation, where the experiential journey of awakening, attunement, purification and self-healing begins. . At the same time it aligns and tunes our energy centers with the frequencies of the universe.
In this Gong Bath we will create a field of internal cleansing, through the breathing technique (Breathwork), the expression with the vibration of the voice and finally with the sacred sound of the Gong and Resonators,
A unique experience of musical rhythms, movement and vibrations, a journey through the Music of the Spheres of Pythagoras.