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Element – Environment – Energy

The #Rest@rt Contemporary Art Platform and the Tomato Industrial Museum “D. Nomikos” in Santorini, present the group art exhibition “Element-Environment-Energy”.

The exhibition opens to the public on Sunday 9 August and will run until 30 September.

The works of 16 visual artists are presented, curated by Georgia Trouli.

The collaboration between the Tomato Industrial Museum “D. Nomikos” and the Restart Cultural Tourism platform, are at the basis of the shared vision of organizing and promoting innovative artistic spectacles with an international character that contribute to restarting international interest in the cultural dynamics of Greece.

Editor’s note:

The 3 e’s are fundamental elements of the life of action and development.

Each of these is important but the importance of each is multiplied when it interacts with the others and when dynamics develop between the three.

It starts at the physical level, grows geometrically and develops holistically when it reaches the levels of a distinct unifying energy, when all 3 e’s are in constant re-feeding of their essence and reference point.

When these axes are in alignment and interaction of their frequencies, we have a concentration of energy and thus creations, actions and forms arise.

We approach the nuclear source of personality, relationships, collective associations, achievements or disasters as well as the immensity of cosmic and universal consciousness.

In the element-environment-energy exhibition we look for the basic elements that summarize form, the environment that highlights them and the energy that all together emerges. In a reality where developments run both on a personal, local and global level, each of us is called upon to identify the energy with which we coordinate, assimilate and later reflect on the environment. An exercise in consciousness and orchestration of space and expansion of experience. In the selection of the works, the sharpening of the senses and the balance is what is sought through the amalgamation of the three axes that interact in an island full of history, legend, tradition, explosion, beauty, pulse and modern life with people from all parts of the planet ».